Aug 10, 2008

Why I Love Brightwater

When you get out of the car, this is the very first thing you see.

The trails around the cabin are covered in centuries of pine needles. On the springy pine needles, you can run almost silently.

This trail takes you to the top of Wildcat Ledge, from which you can listen to the ocean.

On the top of Wildcat Ledge is a flat forest completely carpeted in moss a full foot deep.

If you walk silently through the woods, you're likely to see a deer or a fox.

Back at the cabin, Harmony rocks at her mooring on a still afternoon. The mast makes a lovely clinking noise.

The sunsets can be spectacular.

Like lava in the sky!

1 comment:

Elizabeth McClung said...

Wow that is amazingly beautiful, I would actually try to get my chair down that to see the wonderious moss and all, thanks for the pictures, now another place on the list to visit.