Sep 11, 2006

disparate thoughts on a strange day

What am I doing posting a picture of a spider web on 9.11?

I'm not sure, either.

But I don't think it's an accident.

I don't like the thought of churning out images of a Connected Mother Earth, where each poor little spider has a Profound Influence on all of us... no, that's not where I'm going. Let's be honest: this spider has very little influence.

I think it's more sobering. 2 generations ago, there was another day like this: 12.7. There are many more: D-Day. April 18, 1775. March 23, 2003. Every brain is pockmarked, each person carrying around a crater caused by some massive death.

What I want to know is this: does this connect us? Do we live in denial of our togetherness until we're forced to huddle together in some dark room and await death? Would we forget why we have countries and boundaries and fights without these catastrophies? Are they teaching us slowly to put aside our differences?

Or are they just another reason to fight?

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