Jan 27, 2008

intuitive empath - gift or problem?

Quiz: Am I an Intuitive Empath?

Have I been labeled as overly sensitive? -Yep! All the time. By almost everybody I know. Even by me!

If a friend is distraught or in physical pain, do I start feeling it too? -No question.

Am I drained in crowds, going out of my way to avoid them? -You betcha.

Do I get anxious in packed elevators, airplanes, or subways? -Mmm, not always. I do OK on airplanes and subways if things are settled. If people are shouting, or if everybody is scared due to some turbulence, then it gets stressful.

Am I hypersensitive to noise, scents, or excessive talking? -All three!

When I see gruesome newscasts, does my energy plummet? -Definitely, although I can't say this happens often, because I studiously avoid watching any sort of newscast at all - they are almost always gruesome.

Do I get burned out by groups, require lots of time alone to revive? -Yup.


I found this quiz while searching for scholarly information about reading body language, per my recent interest described in this post.* The quiz was far from scholarly, but I was interested, so I kept reading. Pretty soon I discovered that the world of holistic healing/energy work/psychiatry is profoundly divided over whether or not being an intuitive empath is a gift or a major problem.

The web page that the quiz came from says that if you answer "yes" to one question above, you are probably an intuitive empath. If you answer yes to all of them then - uh oh - your tendencies are draining you of your life energy. Never fear, there is a list of things you can do to combat stress! Alas, I've been doing all of them ever since I can remember, and I'm not cured yet. What then?

Another test informed me that I am 100% hypersensitive (I answered "yes" to every single question). A pseudoscience article on About.com assures me that I have every single "symptom" of intuitive empathy.

On the other side of things, if you google for "intuitive empath", you will mostly find adverts for women who profess to be "intuitive empath healers". Some people offer training programs that teach you how to become more empathic (as a way to boost communication skills). My own mother thinks I'm psychic.

My favorite was the page that suggested that I am "allergic to life".

Some sources say I should be showering daily in order to wash away negative energy (I do, but I assure you, it doesn't work). There's a special diet for people like me (not interested). Some say I need therapy (been there). Energy crystals may solve this problem (no thanks). I need to rid my life of "energy vampires" and/or "energy suckers" (I don't think I know any). One even suggests that I am unconsciously in contact with the "oversoul" of everybody I meet and that I need to learn how to stop doing that.

I'm totally fascinated by this all, which I guess is only natural, since it's always fascinating to see one's defining characteristics listed somewhere, but actually I find it somewhat perverse. First of all, all those web pages have loads of suggestions for how to deal with life (stimuli, situations, etc), all of which I've tried, and most of which make only minor differences in my life. I'm guess I'm kind of off-the-charts-weird. Which isn't as comforting as, you know, finding the answer to life splashed up on wikipedia, but what was I expecting, really? Second, all the web pages I've seen are completely immersed in theorizing about chakras, auras, energy fields, religious healing powers, and so many other supernatural things I can't keep them all straight. As the articles all cleverly suggest, I am very drawn to the idea of healing - I don't deny it - but I complained about in this earlier post, I can't understand why these characteristics can't be described without immediately attributing them to the supernatural. Bottom line is, I'm interested to know if there are other people out there who are similar to me in this respect, but I don't really want to know how I can be saved from energy vampires!

*The paragraph that I originally found was this:

"Empaths often possess the ability to sense others on many different levels. From their position in observing what another is saying, feeling and thinking, they come to understand another. They can become very proficient at reading another personís body language and/or study intently the eye movements. While this in itself is not empathy, it is a side-shoot that comes from being observant of others. In a sense, empaths have a complete communication package." The source was a terrible pseudoscience paper which asserted that an "empath is able to sense [these] vibrations and recognize even the subtlest changes undetectable to the naked eye or the five senses", but if you want to see it, it's here.


Anonymous said...

I pretty much answered the same way you did except I don't have any negative energy. I am psychic also.


Rose said...

Please, please, please study with someone in the field who is responsible. That would include (but isn't limited to) me and my book "Empowered by Empathy" at http://www.rose-rosetree.com .

Coincidentally, today I wrote a quiz expressly about becoming skilled as an empath. It might be fun for you and your blog buddies. A link, plus some preface, is at my blog, http://www.rose-rosetree.com/blog .

With all best wishes,

Rose Rostree

JustH said...

Hmm - I found your blog from entering 'I don't want to be an intuitive empath' in to Google!

It's true - I *don't* want to feel the world as keenly as i do at the moment, I am constantly drained, want to be alone to sleep all the time. My doc told me I was depressed but instead of taking medication, I went to see a counsellor who immediately described who I was as a person precisely, something that no-one has managed to capture so succinctly before. She told me I was an intuitive empath and that others around me were draining my emotions to the extent that I just wanted to shut down to get some peace and quiet. She told me to look at Judith Orloff's book (but to avoid the 'Americanism' of the sort of self-help style it's written in) - Orfloff is the woman who wrote the 'quiz' you took.

I'm open to new ideas but can't get over the whole chakra / new age stuff. It's not sitting comfortably with me - although I am a user of homeopathy and alternative remedies. I think it's because I also googled IE and found all those people who were peddling their views . . . . .

It's confusing.

I wish you the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

As stated in the article referenced by one of the commentors in your blog, this empathy is genetic. Have you not felt this since you were quite young? My niece was 7 years old when she walked into a room of a sick friend and just threw up. I feel my sister's pain every time she ends up in the hospital near death, sometimes waking in my sleep dreaming about it. But this is who I am - I choose to accept that - this is not a disease, but a blessing. I think the only way to not allow the negative energies to bring you down is by strenthening your own positive energy, because let's face it just like an alcholic going into a bar, we must go out into the world, but we must choose not to drink in that negative energy tempting as it may be.

Anonymous said...


I dislike labels and titles so I will say that I'm more sensitive than most.

I also think those who are a little more sensitive are on the right track.

If everyone was as sensitive as us, we would all get along well. right?

Instead of us finding ways to turn off the sensitivity, maybe its time we make others aware of it. Aware of how their actions hurt themselves and those around them.
This awareness can remind them of their own sensitivity.

A good way to start will be to identify your sensitivity limits. How long can you be around `unbalanced` others before you require a break? and that sort of thing...

Here is YouTube video I'd recommend to help you maintain your balanced frequency.

All the best!


rosannepm said...

I am an intuitive empath and mildly psychic. I don't like being this way. I wish I could be like others and enjoy being at social events but it requires so much of my energy and is so drainig to be around a lot of people. If I avoid people then I get lonely. You say you don't know energy vampires. You must if you are an empath. This is the one I know. My mother is mentally ill and involved with my alcoholic mentally ill brother. She will call me to dump her problems on me. I will then be left upset, shaking etc and she will call the next day all happy and say he's fine calmed down apologized etc and I'm worn out and she's happy. She just sucked energy out of me so she can live longer. That's how it works until you do as I had to and cut off all ties to her. If you have any relationshop with people who keep taking from your own caregiving personality they are energy vampires. I used to be a nurse until about age 40. Taking care of people drained me. I now take care of my failing health

Anonymous said...

Great to read the message's on this site. I have the ability to feel what others are feeling - mostly negative which makes me want to cry or vomit, but sometimes - not often i get a lift of energy from my tummy that goes up through my body and over my head straight up into the air, i feel so close to this person, and i feel i know them or have intence attraction to them, sometimes sexually. The negative energy is awful, and at 28 its getting stronger. when the energies are lowering my moto is get out and home a.s.a.p. i always take the car everywhere and never drink alcohol. I dont go near anything that might in some way depress me cause contending with the other energies is difficult enough. A good cry works for me everytime though and loads of laughing, loads of sexual activity if you can. release dont supress. i think the meditation might be good for some people but i dont do it as cant stand the floating feeling i get. Maybe in time. The ciggarettes have to stop, i was a nurse for 11 years working in a hospice and wish i will stop. my health is good and im lucky to have a mother who is very clear, who is leading me in the right direction. I find i get attracted to the negative energies and want to explore them - this is so bad for me, trying to walk away now and maintain a level mood. If you meet a positive energy person try your best to keep them in your life.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous post about it being a genetic trait. My sister has always had both sensitive traits and psychic ability. I have been immeasurably "sensitive" all of my life and very much fit the "intuitive empath" profile. I live alone, have most of my life and am in a healing career. It is how I decided to use my "gift." I know their are pros and cons, but at the end of the day, despite my rather isolated existence, I really would not have it any other way. Oh, and my niece, at 4 years old it was obvious there was another among us. She is twelve now and we can communicate almost without a word....she is awesome, and I love it!

D'Chele said...

I have this problem too!! lol
Have all my life, as a child I was diagnosed as "bipolar" since I can seem to go from happy to depressed in a split second... I was always taking on other's emotions and didn't really know how to block them out. Hospital's are the worst.
But I also seem to pick up "energy" for homes/places, such as an even that took place, not sure if it's related, has anyone else had experience with this?

Dolly said...


I realized that certain crystals are a perfect match to some people while they are inappropriate for others. I always found books on crystal to be confusing and contradictory, as I felt different energy patterns coming from minerals of a same geological family. For example,
not all amethysts that I have seen are healing. On the contrary, they tend to all have some variation in their frequency which is directly related to the uniqueness of their physical properties as well. So that, I have been greatly "sensitive" all of my life and very much fit the intuitive empath profile.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad for being curious about personal development and growth. That's how I found this blog. My family is very catholic, and therefore, we never talked about my sensitivity being a gift or something else but, took it as personality traits. The reason for my despair is my actual job situation. I'm leaving the job because my coworkers have such influence on my mood and energy that I get home and am fall in a deep sleep at 6:30 in the evening -and keep asleep throughout the night till the next day am. It's awful! Of course I am quitting, not an easy deicision to make, I get benefits, medical coverage, company options, etc. But, what can I do? It's either my health or the money.

Due to these issues I started researching, to see if it's my problem really. I try so hard to be helpful and positive!! So, I found through Jung-Myers-Briggs typology that I am an ISFP. I read about it a weekend non-stop. Then, through some hints, I started looking for more info about being an introvert. Because, I remember wanting to be more social,still am, but, having difficulties in doing so. Even nowadays, when people talk to me, they don't understand why I refuse to go out with them more often, etc... I'm so alive and love to make jokes!!
But, most of the times, I take a month to recompose from a night out with people,even friends...

I cannot hang out in groups either, and I find it opressive to be judged by whether or not I party all the time and have tons of friends, like most people do.

Wow, but now that I read this Blog, so many things make sense to me. I mean, SO MANY. If this is the case, and I am an empath I am going to research as much as I can and come back here to share more.

My first findings: yesterday I watched a video by Judith Orloff on youtube (the one that she explains how decofifying dreams can be helpful). The scary thing is: I dreamed something! I woke up in the middle of the night w/ a clear memory of everything that had happened in my dream. But, was too lazy to right it down!!! Oh no!! But,will try again tonight.

Judith Orloff is the beginning of my research but, I should find more names and will be happy to share with all of you.

I'm trying my best to understand myself, I just turned 30 and this side of me is growing non-stop. - the sensitivity and the curiosity about it.

Have a good weekend, "toronto bee"

scott said...

I'm just like you, just like this... i answer yes to everything, get drained a lot, wish i wasn't like this, but am grateful i am like this at the same time... I really feel for you...lol... and I bet you really feel for me also :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the blog. I have the same problem but I don't consider it a problem and more less a gift. I write a lot and I have met many people because of my empathetic traits but I always seem to attract negative low vibrating people with problems. I'm alone a lot and I only have two friends who don't suck my energy. I have met far too many manipulating and controlling people but this has allowed me to learn more about these people. My brother is married to a manipulator and he doesn't see it. It breaks my heart but I can't save him and it's his choice. My choice has been to cut ties as I can't stand the physical stress for myself. My mother doesn't understand me or why I do what I do, in fact I think she wishes I were different. I keep believing in hopes to share all that I've written with people later in life or soon. Most people have put me down and say I take life too seriously however it's just I'm not on the same wavelength as them. I'm much deeper which not a lot of people get around me. I get bummed out because I know they see me like this but somehow someway I know eventually I'm going to move out and be away from all these problems that drain me. The one thing that really bums me out about life is people who judge and can not see someone for who they TRULY ARE. :( I think life is awesome and even if people don't understand me, I understand myself well and I know their are people who appreciate the insight we have because their are people looking to grow and evolve for the better.

I have also met a lot of people who are ignorant and live life through denial when I know for a fact they are lying to themselves. I find those people extremely hard to be around. I feel bad for them.


LadyWynn said...

I truly truly suggest empaths take a very close look at their bowel health as being an empath and bowel function goes hand and hand!

I think people look at being an intuitive empath too simplistically and from an "emotional" core and not a physical one. Our emotions, surprisingly, have been discovered to be almost entirely in our gut, not our brains or heart. This is why I believe so many empaths find relief by moderating their diet. When I was younger I was so unbelievably sensitive to negative energy (I lived in a house with two parents who generated it like a furnace) I was always nervous beyond belief or depressed and always always drained. I hit a bottom point and had to completely over-hall my diet. It took me 4 years to get in sync but once I did I was able still connect and "feel" people but yet I was completely operating out of myself and no longer absorbing other's energies. It was AWESOME! However, after dealing with the nastiest emotional vampire I have ever met combined with a dose of antibiotics 3 months ago - I'm am more sensitive now then I have ever been, to the extent the emotional overload makes me tremor at times. Scents, sounds, tastes, oh and heaven forbid if I even attempt to watch tv! I thought I was going insane – and to no surprise, my gut function was hindered. So, I am now taking measures to correct my bowel environment (intestinal flora) and slowly I am returning to not being as sensitive.

Now an opinion about energy vampires; I use to have the same concept of energy vampires as what people have mentioned here and what I’ve read in books- however after this recent experience my opinions have changed. I think intuitive empaths and vampires are really sisters and not so different. Its not vampires bad, empaths good; its simply what we do with energy. Vampires typically need to expel an energy I think, they have too much of one because they lack in another. They expel it on to us empaths and they feel better for getting rid of their overproduction so they can focus on the energy they were trying for. Empaths absorb energy instead of expel. I think a key reason for this is because on some level we have a difficult time generating our own energies – we are naturally low so we are wide open. Problem is, we over absorb more often then not. I think empaths actually actively seek energy generators, and even sometimes vampires even though they make us sick for this reason. We just want to take a nibble, but we end up eating the whole cake. That’s why we want to run away from everyone so fast, and then when we are away we are so lonely. We aren’t balanced in our absorbing- we really shouldn’t need to absorb is really the issue. Vampires who try to expel on an unwilling participant gets no sense of release only on someone who will ‘absorb’ the energy, empaths.

To clearify why I believe this is the way vampires work rather then stealing energy, is because after I took on way to much energy in this last experience I found my self suddenly with a helpless and uncontrollable urge to discharge energy and started noticing the people around me and closest to me were suffering from the typical vampire attack symptoms. I also interestingly noticed the vampire in my life was suddenly repelled by me with no explainable reason, most likely because I wasn’t absorbing anymore I was expelling. I could be wrong of course, but this seems to be the way it has worked. I think empaths who take on too much with out a break can end up as a vampire themselves.

I can’t advise you to look at your bowel heath for the reason for your energy sensitivity enough. I found a lot of help by going gluten free (I have gluten allergy) so maybe some of us have an underlying allergy throwing our flora out of wack. I hope I’ve said something useful to you all or maybe sparked some wheels of thinking. Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! There is a term that actually describes me? At 40 yrs. old I find myself getting deeper into my isolation. My work week is 40 hours of being social and giving to everyone and everything, and my weekends and evenings are spent in bed. No one would recognize my real self. How can I lead two such separate lives? It sucks. . .

Anielka said...

Just this year i have found out about intuitive empaths...this has given me a better explanation as to why am I so sensitive. Being one is somewhat a good thing because you are sensitive enough to those around you, but one of its downfalls is that (in my opinion) those people around you cannot easily understand you. Even when I was unaware I was one, my mind has made an automatic defense which made me extremely quiet and hate crowds. This in turn made me a girl whom people like to talk about (in a very nasty manner).

I also think that most empaths are misunderstood by people. I mean, you spend most of your time alone or sleeping, how would anyone know about you?

In a sense, we give a lot of our compassion and empathy to others while we tend to neglect ourselves.

My boyfriend told me that I am way too sensitive. I have explained to him my situation...well...turns out he can't understand it.

No wonder I'm always stressed out that I just want to sleep, which resulted to poor grades. I even don't want to stay in my room in our dormitory because the people around it has drained me to the point that I can't do my term papers properly. And what's probably worse, I do not even attend my classes for three straight days.

I'm also sensitive to spirits. Yes I'm also a psychic. Once I almost collapsed at a mall because of the spirits of the animals that died there. I managed to grab on a table and regained my composure.

Amidst all the negative happenings being an intuitive empath has given me, I lean more on the side that having this ability is a gift. I want to show genuine compassion to people, especially to those who have negative vibrations. I see these people as those who hope for someone to listen and understand them. As much as possible, I wish to provide understanding and compassion that other people cannot give to me.

Anonymous said...

My name is Junon Macéus and I am a writer. My area of interest is holistic health.

I am doing research on energy healers who are also empaths. These individuals have a lavender/white core aura and a yellow halo around their crown chakra. I am looking for volunteers who would be willing to give ½ hour of their time for a short phone interview. The questions will be given in advance, and the interviews will take place within the next few months.

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail at jmaceus@yahoo.com with the subject line "Looking for Research Volunteers".

Tel: (416) 551-9146

Leebee88 said...

Hey, just stumbled across your blog in google. I read the "am i an intuitive empath?" and found i answered YES to every question. Now i know whats going on! I always thought i was weird or strange to hate big crowds, but it turns out other people have the same too. Its just too "busy" for me! Another thing also - i would discribe myself as super-sensitive as would anyone else who knows me, i cry at the littlest thing and hate watching the news. I have in the past. felt friends pain.
And im very sensitive to noise, scents and excessive talking - it over loads my head! And i crave "alone" time when i`ve been particulary socialable. For years i`ve felt like an over -sensitive freak. Now i just need to learn to shut off from peoples emotions and feelings - wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm also an empathic intuitive, but don't see or feel anything 'negative' in my life because of it. Have read the same posts on sites relating to this, also taken the tests, and I'm glad to find the 'name' for the unique gift of being able to READ others instantly--often knowing them better than they do themselves. It has saved me a lot of potential trouble having this ability, though the complete strangers finding me 'so easy to talk to' they unburden themselves of all their problems can be a bit sticky.....

It helps being able to sense the energy of other people, and because I can feel what they're experiencing I'm usually the first to 'jump into the subject'. It generally surprises them, but cut to the chase is my motto. Most people are so relieved they do tend to 'unload' quite a bit, but I don't have to put it all in a bag, throw it over my shoulder and carry it around with me! We all have a choice of what we hold on to and what we let go.

I don't feel lonely for not being a 'social butterfly'-- crowds annoy me, and I embrace my solitude --every second I can get of it! "Never LESS alone than when alone!" I always say. It's all about balance, and being selective.

I don't own a TV purposely (for 3 years now...) so I don't have to be exposed to random, unexpected violence and visual cruelty at all now. I have found this is a good thing in more ways than one!! The newspaper that lands on my door step every day that I never asked for goes straight into the trash bin unopened.

I shield myself as often as possible from unnecessary incoming negativity, but can't control ALL of it, so I spend my time learning how to deal with that. If someone is dumping too much on me I tend to ask them for MORE, because I've found I can deal with it easier second-hand than they can initially and they will eventually STOP doing it! More often than not, they aren't emotionally prepared enough for all that comes out and that usually stems the tide. At least it gives them a good DOSE of what they need to reflect on that perhaps they weren't even aware of before. Once a person has exposed it all and is then willing to reflect, a change can occur, but it does take that 'getting rid of it' first to whomever is willing to be there. I can absorb it, for their sake, then banish the useless aspects. But if they aren't willing to deal with this fallout productively themselves I refuse to expend my energy on them anymore. Like others have said here-- I've also had to 'cut ties' when it means being abused by negativity that only drains me. I'm willing for the stores being depleted somewhat if it's helpful, because I can always re-energize, but not when it's just a one way street! If a person isn't willing to help their own self, there's nothing I can ever do in the long run for them, so it's not hard to walk away. Sometimes people need that, y'know? It brings a little 'clarity' for them to get their issues straightened out.

Really enjoyed reading the other posts here. Found this site after identifying with, and sort of resenting the term 'yer too sensitive' which I've often heard. But people have also said to me upon first meetings that they feel they've known me all their lives, by which I take the meaning that I allow them to feel comfortable about being who they really are.

.....just my 12 cents, anyway.

Anonymous said...

leave it to google to find just about anything right? Reading needs to be forced for me so just the fact that i got through most of your blog is remarkable. I've lived with "sensitivity" my whole life too and never had a lable or name for it. I also never cared to reach out to anyone about it either. Being this way causes me to be quite introverted. When I am with people I "adapt". I am like a camillian (spell check) you know, transform into your surroundings. It leads me to feel fake and totally unsure of who I am as an individual. I lose my own existance. I love your additude about all the outside self help stuff. I tend to seek and then when I find I drop the ball on 'self' and continue with the world and everyone I encounter in it. It's like something bigger than me saying, "it's not about you... NEXT!"
Never been a fan of school or higher education and I have no patience to sit and read a book about how to be me in this body on this planet..I go with the flow and assume one day I will indeed be enlightened. For now I live with being whatever overly sensitive soul type I am and try not to be odd girl out All the time. Anyway...your blog was a stopper and actually the first one I've ever responded too.
On the whole new age and crysal thing...I totally dig that stuff. Experiencing it and not reading about it is great and very therapudic. Its not by the book for me though...I trust my gutt oneverything and the woman that talked about belly issues, my God, that is so me. I would love to know what it feels like not to have a stomach ache every day. PEACE!

ellenolensha said...

I guess my "intuition" brought me here. I just today started reading Dr. Orloff's latest book, assuming it would be one of those about "positive thinking" that I would eventually want to throw across the room, you know; simply say affirmations that you have money and money will flow to you!!!
(I'd be rolling in it!). I was not familiar with the term I.E. However, according to what I read, I am one. It is fascinating, because I never, ever saw these different aspects of myself as related - my serious claustrophobia - unable to be in "thick" crowds, sedation to fly, and I would never walk into an elevator with more that 1 or 2 people if at all; with the fact that I can physically feel other people's pain, often feel when something bad is going to happen, and am alway accused of being "overly sensitive". So, this I find intruiging. I did a search, and I happened to click on this site first....so, I have no strong opinions yet, but I am intruiged.... I am limited to so many words, so will finish in another post. Thank you for your blog and providing a platform to objectively discuss this topic.

ellenolenska said...

Since I was a child, I was always interested in helping others, I became a physical therapist, a healing profession, and was always interested in spirituality, etc., and practiced Yoga. So, I will read on and see.... Cygnet, you young, so it could be that you just have not felt the effects (or better yet, known any "vampires" yet. But I suspect you will... I never felt drained what is described as "drained by negative energy" until recent years - I of course never attributed my current state to that - so I am actually hoping that perhaps there is something to this, so that I can be helped! Before, I think I had a lot of "positive energy" in my life to recharge myself, therefore was able to continue to give a lot.
9 years ago, I became involved in a relationship with a man who was the "Count Dracula" of energy vampires. Immediately I noticed him to be very negative, but I continued on. He was verbally abusive, constantly putting me down, criticizing me; eventually became physically abusive, yet I stayed. I gradually became more and more "depressed". I have been out of the relationship since June. In the past couple of years, I have been hospitalized twice (for depression), have been on meds, tons of therapy; but I seem to be getting worse. My mood is very depressed, I have no energy, I often don't get out of bed. I am not working now. I have completely isolated myself. Going out - to dinner, to a party, etc. seems too overwhelming. I have to push myself to take a shower or anything to take basic care of myself. I even avoid going to the grocery store. I am frightened because I used to be very active and enjoyed people, and as I said; this current state seems to be worsening and I am afraid it will never end, and I have been doing everything that traditional medicine has to offer. So, if this intuitive empath concept is valid; I would recommend those who have not been bulldozered by or experienced an emotional vampire to still learn about them and what you can do, etc.; because you never know...and they don't come with a warning label! In my case, I believe my strong feelings of attraction to this person, and my desire to have a relationship, led me to not pay attention to my intuition (or not want to listen to it, because this person was so "right" in many ways, I didn't pay attention to strong signals. I guess that was what I wanted to stress - still educate yourself, because these "vampires" will often initally appear to be quite the opposite. And some of them, sociopaths; as I have been told my ex-boyfriend is, have what I call "reverse empathy". They are said to have no empathy, show no remorse; which is true. Yet beyond someone who is just cold and callous they seem to have the ability to "sense" people who are kind, giving, and loving; which empaths are; and be able to find our vulnerabilities and use them against us - to literally destroy us. That is how I feel ... like I have lost my "self", like I am an empty body just walking through life. These vampires can be very subtle, so much that they are draining you slowly and you are not aware... so best be prepared, and hopefully you will never experience a full blown "attack"

Anonymous said...

Hello everone. For more than five years now I have been diagnose with biplor and depression. I have been on effexor, xanax,lamictol and so many other meds. I just never accepted that I am bipolar I feel its just a lable dr.s have named cuz they have no idea what it really is. Up to the present time I never believed I was bipolar, just something inside keeps telling it's the wrong diagnose. So I started researching and reading books of how to have positive energy, and to my surprise the symtoms of bipolar are similar to those of a intuitive empathy. I just really need to know am I really bipolar or intuitive empathy. I just really need to know so I can bring up to my dr's att. Without him thinking im reading to much into this. Oh and by the way I answered yes to all the? Of the quiz. Thank u.