Jun 2, 2010

dreaming in science

I'm trying to come up with a Great Idea for my thesis. This is about as difficult as hunting endangered tigers. Great Ideas, it would seem, are not only rather nocturnal, but also elusive, and fond of inhospitable climates. I languish in the humid evenings, coming up with one terrible idea after another... and then fall asleep, and wake up tangled at 3 in the morning with a fragment of a brilliant plan which fades away in to only the most frustrating memory after a few seconds. Ideas also show up while I'm biking, or running, or in some complicated arm balance at yoga class - in short, at any time at which it is absolutely impossible to write them down. Lately I've even started to dream these ideas, but of course in my dreams they are confused, nebulous and utterly nonsensical, despite appearing with an air of certainty.

C'mon muses, would it kill you to visit me when I've got a pen in hand?

1 comment:

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