Jun 1, 2010

a bad day snuck in

Despite a Herculean effort, I have not yet managed to force my capricious stomach in to obeying my every whim. This is really no surprise. What was I expecting, a bloody miracle?

But I'd be a damn liar if I didn't admit that it still throws me for a serious loop now and then. Yesterday was, unfortunately, one such example. By the end of the day I was gritting my teeth to get through every successive minute at work, with progressively less grace. Same old story, same old pain, and unfortunately, same old crushing doubts.

Though I'm not much of a fan of pain and nausea, it's the doubts that get me these days. Would somebody else give in as easily? Do I give up when others might only complain of discomfort? Am I subconsciously giving myself an excuse to fail? Who am I letting down by giving in? Will they even believe me? Will they ever trust me?

There are very, very few things that make me mad. This is one of them.


Another cup of tea, another deep breath, and I begin again.

I try. I try so hard.


Anonymous said...

Your blog on this day resonated with me and what I have been going through now for weeks. Just came across the term Intuitive Empath and when I take the quiz I am 100%. I feel some relief now knowing that others are as highly sensitive and as emotionally and physically in tune as I am. Have been since as far back at 7rs old.
Amazing to know you're never alone in the world. Keep up the work with your blog. Can you suggest other great career opportunities that I might thrive in as an Intuitive Empath. Currently in Sales & Marketing which leaves me ultimately without a will to really thrive.

Love helping people and learning how to better adapt my energy transfers. Looking forward to hearing from you. You can send a note to willtothrive@hotmail.com

All the Best,


Ruby Roy Varghese said...

I thought being old I was having all these doubts,but now I know the young also have it's shortcoming.