Jun 3, 2010

fluffy little summer post

So, we've consumed two entire watermelons in the last week. They weren't HUGE watermelons, but they weren't all that small, either. Today, we got stuck barefoot in a rainstorm... on purpose. Last weekend, we took a big bowl of cherries (no, really) and went walking to Harvard to buy a sunhat (I kid you not) and ended up finding a truck giving away free Ben and Jerry's ice cream (this is almost unbelievable). We sailed. We ate cucumber sandwiches. During our morning runs, we stop to smell the roses, which are pouring out over almost every fence in Cambridgeport. We fixed up our bikes (winter commuting is really harsh on the poor things) and pedalled around all freshly de-rusted in the late afternoon sun. The fan makes a racket in the window and papers flutter on the desk. The ice cube trays are refilled every day. The comforter is kicked off of the bed, so we can sleep like little children, all sticky-cheeked and warm and heavy, our legs hanging off the bed and our arms splayed out.



Paula said...

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